Fabienne Chapot

We have been a proud partner of one of the largest Dutch women's brands since a number of years

Color consistency
CLT-78-DRS-SS23_1003-3320-LEA_Archana-Butterfly-Dress_12 (1)
Exposar for Fabienne Chapot
Exposar for Fabienne Chapot
philomene blouse-pretty purple_front
philomene blouse-pretty purple_detail
CLT-216-SKI-AW22_6309-UNI_Kasja-Skirt_01 new size
CLT-29-BLS-SS23_8309-UNI_Jaimie Blouse_01 new size2
CLT-29-BLS-SS23_8309-UNI_Jaimie Blouse_12
CLT-78-DRS-SS23_1003-3320-LEA_Archana Butterfly Dress_12
CLT-78-DRS-SS23_1003-3320-LEA_Archana Butterfly Dress_01-2 new size

Fabienne Chapot, renowned for its bold prints and vibrant colours, has embarked on a creative journey with Exposar to elevate its online presence. Through innovative product photography and mesmerising detail shots, we capture Fabienne Chapot’s dedication to fashion artistry.


What sets Fabienne Chapot apart? It’s the details. The meticulous patterns, the exquisite stitching, and the intricate designs all tell a story. At Exposar, we understand that, and our photography is all about bringing those stories to life online. Our detail photos aren’t just images; they’re an invitation to touch, feel, and immerse oneself in the world of Fabienne Chapot.


Our collaboration with Fabienne Chapot isn’t just about taking pictures. It’s about translating a brand’s soul into visual content that resonates with its audience. By focusing on both product photography and detailed imagery, we’ve managed to create an online shopping experience that’s as vibrant and inviting as Fabienne Chapot’s physical stores.


In summary, our partnership with Fabienne Chapot is a celebration of fashion, creativity, and visual storytelling. With Exposar’s expertise in product photography, we’ve transformed Fabienne Chapot’s online shopping experience, making it a virtual catwalk that inspires and converts. Join us in exploring Fabienne Chapot’s new look, where fashion meets innovation

Colour consistency

Consistent colours on a product detail page establish brand recognition. When customers consistently see the same colours across platforms, it reinforces the brand's image, making it easier to recognise. Our quality control team ensures content consistency.

CLT-368-DRS-SS22_7309-1003-HEA_Charlie-Dress_01 new size new size

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CLT-383-TOP-SS22_7309-1003-HEA_Jascha-Top_01 new size

Details matter

In the world of fashion, it's the details that make all the difference. It not only showcases a garment's craftsmanship but also enhances its desirability. Don't overlook the power of detailed fashion photography; it's the key to capturing the essence of style.

CLT-30-BLS-AW23_7317-9506-PCS_Hollie_Blouse_12 new size
CLT-257-SWE-AW23_1507-UNI_Jana_Sweater_12 new size

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CLT-92-DRS-AW23_9001-7319-PIR_Bree_Dress_12 new size
CLT-28-BLS-AW23_1003-UNI_Harry_Blouse_12 new size

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