Exposar and Oger's partnership has elevated online shopping, transforming Oger's webshop with chic storytelling that mirrors their in-store elegance

Exposar for Oger
Exposar for Oger

Oger, Holland’s go-to for chic retail, was searching for a way to take their webshop to the next level, to make it as stylish as their in-store experience. That’s when Exposar stepped in, and a unique partnership was born.


Together, we’re not just snapping pretty pictures; we’re in the process of crafting high-quality content that will tell a story, showcase the must-haves, and bring the ‘I must have this!’ feeling to life.


Our collaboration with Oger is more than just a project; it’s an ongoing fashion experience in the making. Together with OWe’re transforming their webshop from a simple shopping platform into something fabulous, making it feel just like stepping into one of Oger’s elegant retail stores.


In short, we’re in the midst of turning online selling into fashion storytelling with Oger, all in a way that’s fresh, fabulous, and will be unmistakably theirs. Stay tuned for the chic transformation!

What did Exposar do for them?

E-Commerce product and model photography
E-Commerce video content
Macro video
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Macro video

Elevate your fashion brand with macro video and let your audience experience the complexity of your designs in a whole new way. Sounds interesting?

Behind the scenes

Welcome to the backstage of our client Oger. It's all about the final touch-ups and precise styling!

The ExpoStars involved

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