Exposar's collaboration with Ibana transforms photography into art, capturing the brand's chic elegance. A visual symphony that defines Ibana's DNA

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Exposar for Ibana
Exposar for Ibana
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What did Exposar do for them?

Model photography
Lookbook photography
E-commerce photography

Ibana, a standout name in fashion, teamed up with Exposar to create a visual experience that defines their brand. With innovative product photography, model photography, and lookbook content creation, we capture Ibana’s trendsetting designs.


The photos reveal every detail, showcasing Ibana’s unique style. Model photography goes beyond poses; it radiates confidence and allure.


Lookbook content tells a visual story, mixing seasonal trends wit-h Ibana’s timeless elegance. We don’t just take pictures; we create art that resonates with Ibana’s luxurious and effortlessly chic identity.


In short, our collaboration with Ibana has elevated their online presence, turning photography into a visual symphony that captures the essence of Ibana. Explore the new look with Exposar.

The ExpoStars involved

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