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Exposar's partnership with State of Art includes product and model photos, videos, and content for Zalando, boosting online revenue by 20%

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Exposar for State of Art
Exposar for State of Art
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What did Exposar do for them?

Model photography
Zalando content

State of Art, a symbol of sophistication, collaborates with Exposar to redefine their online presence. Our striking product photos, model photos, and model videos bring State of Art’s webshop to life, reflecting the brand’s elegance and craftsmanship.

Since the start of our collaboration, State of Art conducted an AB test to compare the impact of adding model photography to their product photography. The results were remarkable, with online revenue increasing by 20%.

Our expert product photography captures State of Art’s unique style, while our model photos and videos offer a dynamic view of contemporary fashion.

Exposar’s partnership also includes creating distinctive product content for Zalando, enhancing State of Art’s reach to selective and savvy shoppers.

Together, State of Art and Exposar are not just enhancing the shopping experience; we’re transforming it into a captivating journey. We invite you to explore State of Art’s online showcase of fine creations, a perfect blend of fashion and design, all captured with precision and enthusiasm.

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Mannequin photography

One of the key advantages of mannequin product photography is that it allows for the display of clothing in a structured and consistent manner. The use of mannequins helps maintain the shape and form of the garments, showcasing their fit, style, and design with precision.

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Curious to know more about mannequin photography?

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"We have been working together with Exposar for a number of years now, a collaboration that we have experienced as very pleasant. From the very beginning, we have felt taken very seriously, and our wishes as a customer have been listened to carefully. In addition, we have regularly had good evaluation meetings where we have looked at what can be improved further. Together, we have already taken great steps, continuously optimizing our collaboration, and the quality of the photos has improved. However, we are certainly not standing still, and we expect to accomplish many more great things together."


State of Art

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